Pastor Finny Varghese’s faith journey began in his Pentecostal family in Kerala. At the age of fourteen, he accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Savior and was baptized in water. His spiritual path deepened at eighteen when he experienced the Holy Spirit’s baptism. 

From a young age, Pastor Finny harbored a strong desire for ministry. Following his formal education, he enrolled at the New Theological Seminary in Dehradun, India. During his theological studies, he embarked on an internship in Bihar, an experience that ignited his passion for North Indian Missions. Upon completing his studies, he dedicated his efforts to serving the slums of Delhi with Sis. Amachar Mission. His ministry also extended to working with Devadasi.

In 2013, Pastor Finny returned to Kerala and married Blessy. Together, they ventured to Haryana, specifically Buttinda, Bihar, to continue their missionary work. He also collaborated with the Sharon Fellowship Church and Faith Gospel Ministers.

 After four years of pastoral ministry in India, Pastor Finny relocated to Vancouver, Canada, in 2017. He served within the Kerala Christian Fellowship and eventually became the Senior Pastor at Kerala Church Of God in Toronto, where he ministered for five and a half years.

Now, Pastor Finny Varghese and his family have embarked on a new journey in Dallas, where he has assumed the role of Senior Pastor at Faith Tabernacle Church Of God, eager to lead and inspire the congregation in their spiritual journey.